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I help families & educators
move from chaos to
so they can connect with
the ones who matter 


I believe that the best gift you can give to yourself, and in turn, to your children,  is that of a sound spirit    and mind. After all, they will not become what we say, they will become what we are.  


Professionally trained in strategies to reduce anxiety, improve communication, and support emotional regulation,

I am eager to help families and schools move from surviving to thriving during these unprecedented times.  Whether you want to reduce toddler tantrums, navigate Parent-Teacher Conferences, or connect with a hard-to-reach teen, I am here to help. 


To best support your needs, I offer several services, all via Zoom:







If you are ready to lighten your load and get yourself the support you deserve,

send me a message below to schedule your Free  Consultation


Can't   wait to hear from you  
 No Soliciting Please

Kudos to you for reaching out!

I'll be checking in with you soon.

PS. Everything will be okay 

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