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Personal Coaching Client

Kristen is one the most helpful and insightful people I know. I constantly go to her with questions on education, love, family, and life in general, because she is someone whom I trust more than most people, if not anyone in my life. She prioritizes my mental and physical well being while constantly bettering her own. Kristen has a magnetism about her that makes you want to be like her, a better person. 

Family Coaching Client
Kristen is a genuine, authentic, caring, honest and trustworthy human being. She applies her skills intuitively, creatively, and warmly. She made me feel comfortable to dig deep, ask questions, and share insights that I had not been able to excavate on my own. She guided me through challenges with my teens and my own parents with compassion, empathy, and humor, and offered a wealth of practical advice and knowledge in Conscious Parenting without any feeling of judgment. 
Kristen doesn’t shy away from offering a new perspective. She is a truth teller in a world where it is sometimes hard to see our truth.  She helped me put words to my own truth by sharing hers, as she sees it. For this reason, her services have proven to be invaluable.

Through her years as a teacher, working with special needs, etc. Kristen has clearly cultivated patience, compassion and empathy, making her perfectly suited for a coaching career working with families both privately and within the education system. She has a talent for seeing situations through the eyes of abundance and I know she will change the trajectory of the lives of both the kids and parents she works with.
Kristen’s life experiences, her strong connection to her own family, and her world travels bring an awareness that makes her truly shine as a coach. Thank you for your friendship and I look forward to continuing to grow with you!
Thank you so much for a tremendous year. My husband and I feel that our daughter really grew this year and hit her stride with many difficult subjects. In particular, I'm thrilled that numerous math concepts are now clear to her due in large part to your ability to explain them in a way she understands. Frankly, it's somewhat miraculous.
Under Ms. Schott's tutelage I thrived. Whenever I received a compliment I knew it was sincere, and I strived to make her proud. She saw the potential in me and led me to discover it too.  Over time, with her encouragement, I found myself in the highest reading group and testing out of regular math to learn more advanced topics.  
By working hard and expanding my knowledge, I grew confident in myself.  I then realized I could be more than an average student. With some effort, I was among the top students in my class.  This gained confidence was eye opening.  From this point forward, I was no longer wondering aimlessly, I made goals.  My approach to school completely shifted.  My peers and parents noticed the changes; I wanted to stay up until ten o'clock to perfect my homework.  
The empowerment that I received from Ms. Schott definitely changed my academic performance.  Because of this experience, my standards changed drastically and I began to love learning.

Looking back, I now see similarities between Ms. Schott and I. Her characteristics, which I had admired, I now find in myself.  Her attention to detail and her enthusiasm for learning are now engrained in myself.  She enabled me to think, perform, and to take action.  This, in turn, helped me to control my work and decision-making.  The year, which I had dreaded, had empowered me to reach new educational heights and become the person I was destined to be.
Kristen has a relentless passion for solving the mind's toughest obstacles. She has a brain that never stops thinking about “How can human beings truly grow?” Kristen has dedicated herself to the exploration of framing one's mindset in a way that benefits not only themselves, but the people around them. 

Kristen’s experience with educating children, both in special and general education, has really given her a wonderful perspective on how to treat certain behaviors and tendencies. She takes the challenge of helping people’s frame of mind as not a job, but a life choice. She does not look at helping people as a hobby, but her life’s purpose. 

Kristen’s generosity and overall care for her community and the families that make it up are second to none. She is one of the most selfless and genuine human beings I have come to know. 


Family Coaching Client

Kristen is a super cool and authentic person. We appreciate and value her so much.  She has made such a difference in our lives. God sent us an angel in her.  She is a blessing to anyone’s life she touches. I have been in tears for the joy of learning how to share my truth. It’s scary but very rewarding and fulfilling. I am proud that I am becoming self-aware of how I feel in moments where I am triggered, and taking steps to take care of myself. I am a work in progress, but a different person than I was last year at this time. I’ve been so glad to see the seedlings of our work together start to sprout. It takes time but how amazingly beautiful when we see the fruit. A miracle. I’m so proud of us!


Kristen’s coaching makes all the difference in the world. It’s gentle and consistently redirects us back to the game plan. What warms my heart is that she knows me well enough to anticipate my stressful thoughts. She helped me find my “pause” button. She is very beautiful on the inside and out. A determined, encouraging, and smart coach.


Thank you, Kristen, for enriching our lives so deeply and being part of this amazing journey. I wish I had the words to do justice to express our appreciation. Thank you for patiently hanging in with us. I’m so glad the Universe saw to cross our paths. Kudos to my dear coach and sweet friend!


Family Coaching Client

Coach Kristen was just Kristen to me for about 20 years since we grew up together. I reached out to her regarding her work with children because my oldest son and I became estranged during a very heartbreaking divorce. Kristen's work ethic in meeting with my son and her follow-ups with me were first class. There was a lot to unpack. My young son and I suffer from high level issues that many shrinks scratch their head at. But Kristen put her head down and got to work and I'm proud to say that she really said something to me that was life changing. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Kristen put herself in a position where she could communicate to me what I needed to hear. She did that by earning my trust. I highly recommend her coaching to step up your parenting game or for help getting through a tough time.


* Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.
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